Joining QRC couldn't be simpler. Book your slot using BEND so that we know who is attending each run.


Running Drills

Brunswick East, Hackney Downs

The OG run club session! Includes: hill sprints, paced run, sprints, and conditioning. We have a different focus every month. There is a bag drop at Brunswick East and we will stay in Hackney Downs Park.


Long Run

Thingy Cafe, Hackney Wick

A long run around Victoria Park meeting outside Thingy Cafe in Hackney Wick. There is a bag drop available, but please come ready to run. We will run 8km with several pacers and stops. We always go for a coffee afterwards!


Long Long Run

Thingy Cafe, Hackney Wick

These runs will gradually increase from 21km to 35km over a period of 12 weeks. The aim of this run is to build up our longevity and endurance as we increase the mileage. Make sure to come prepared with energy gels, water and warm clothes (if needed). There won’t be a bag drop. We will be running at a 5.30-6.00 min/km pace. You need to be able to run a comfortable 21km to be able to participate.

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