Queer Running Club is a safe space for queer and trans people to run together. 

We meet every week:
Tuesdays - Skills work - 7pm @ Brunswick East
Saturdays - Long run -  10am @ Basis Gym

The most important thing you should know about QRC if you are planning to attend is that this is a community, a decentralised space for us all, as queer-identifying people, to run together without judgement or fear.

We are a friendly crew, we always have a social after so that we can get to know one another as well.

Sessions are normally one hour long, this is a fully coached session with two coaches Kole Fulmine and Sam Purnell and two leaders Dalia Saris and Luke Kene.

We try to stay together for the whole run. We don't have a specific pace that you need to run at, ALL levels are welcome. If you can comfortably run 5km, you will get more from the runs.

Keep an eye out for our monthly NEW TO QRC sessions if you have never been to Queer Running Club and would like to know more about the runs we do. These are aimed at beginners / those new to running.

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