I'm Kole. I'm a trans-masc, non-binary personal trainer, and running coach. Born and bred in East London and running long distances around the streets of Hackney since the age of 16. I'm a UKA England Athletics certified coach and running leader. I work as a strength and conditioning Level 3 personal trainer and Level 2 fitness instructor at Basis Gym in London Fields. 

The most important thing you should know about QRC if you are planning to attend is that this is a community, a decentralised space for us all, as queer-identifying people, to run together without judgment or fear.

We are a friendly crew, we always have a drink after so that we can socialise as well. Sessions are normally one hour long, they vary each week. It will be a mixture of a long run (up to 8km), hill sprints, paced runs, and sprints or running games. We don't have a specific pace that you need to run at, ALL levels are welcome. If you can comfortably run 5km you will get more from the runs. Some sessions have two people and some have ten, but, we always try to stay together.

If you want to check out my personal training instagram: @lightningstracks